The Zwift Big Spin [March 2024]

Do I need to complete the climbing Alte before registering for this?

What’s that?

Oh, maybe you are referring to the March Ascend the Alpe mission? No you don’t need to complete that first, you can do multiple things at once. Register on the home page in game.

Yes, that is what I wanted to know. Thanks for figuring out what I meant, lol!

It will be treated as a race

This is true for some people; I’ll probably ride some events as a “ride” and some as a “race” and I’m very aware that a pace which feels like a ride to one person will feel like a race to another.

Which is why it would be good for Zwift to explicitly state something along the lines of what ZwiftInsider described like this:


By who? .

No one, they are always healthy group rides

I think they are for a lot of people, yeah. Some of us are tearing around in front(ish) groups playing Group Ride Hero, but a lot of people won’t treat these as races.

I’ll just be there for the sweet new bike frame… and really I want all the unlocks… cuz I’m a Zwift hoarder


Maybe next big spin event we can get the Visma TT helmet :slight_smile:



Has that been UCI banned yet?

So, the routes in this event do not give bonus experience, right? Just a chance to unlock stuff at the end of every ride.

Bike looks cool…but I want those tri-spoke wheels on my Tron Bike…

Aren’t the wheel and bike just skins?

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If you roll a duplicate prize on the wheel, it will switch to XP

It’s drops not XP for duplicate prizes.


Oh, just noticed that Suki’s Playground is an existing route that I haven’t done yet, so I can get the first time badge and bonus exp.

Does it come in red?

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After looking at all the routes, the only route I have done is the one in Paris. So, this event is great for me!

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Yes, my bad, I ment drops, but had XP on my mind

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