Zwift Games [February 2024]

It’s time for the inaugural Zwift Games!!!

Zwift Games is a race series that gives everyone a shot at glory! It’s the biggest community racing event in Zwift history, with five stages of epic challenges, friendly competition, and awesome new unlocks starting March 1, 2024 @ 00:00 UTC through March 31, 2024 @ 23:00 UTC.

On weekends, Zwift’s best elite-level riders will also take on the same courses in three elite championships - Sprint, Epic, and Climb - broadcast on Zwift’s YouTube channel. The Zwift Games are the most competitive cycling esports event ever held and will crown eight Champions.

During Zwift Games events, there will be no steering or braking enabled but you can still use your Play controllers to enable in-game actions like triggering PowerUps and changing camera angles.

Each stage will offer an amazing new unlock, never before seen on Zwift. Each unlock will be awarded by how many stages you have completed:

  • One stage: Adidas Tempo 3-Stripes BOA Cycling Shoes
  • Two stages: Oakley Sphaera Glasses
  • Three stages: Zwift Games Kit
  • Four stages: Zwift Games Gloves and Socks
  • All five stages: Zwift Games Gold Cap

All elite races will be streamed live on Zwift’s channels. The YouTube broadcasts are already live, so stick them in your schedule here:

Men’s Sprint, March 2 @ 18:00 UTC:

Women’s Sprint, March 3 @ 18:00 UTC:

Men’s Epic, March 9 @ 18:00 UTC:

Women’s Epic, March 10 @ 18:00 UTC:

Men’s Climb and Overall Finale, March 16 @ 18:00 UTC:

Women’s Climb and Overall Finale, March 17 @ 18:00 UTC:

Convert to your local timezone here.

Looking for more details on Zwift Games? Check out the main page here or the FAQ here.


If I’m reading the rules correctly, a Cat A/B rider that wants to complete available route badges will not be permitted to ride the Mountain Mash?

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And any C/Ds who want to do the Epic route are going to have to get blown out the back of an A or B race.

Everyone changes their name to begin with “Cat C” or “Cat D” respectively and we could have two lovely races within a race. :blush:

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Given what CE has done to the field sizes in A it could become the defecto C/D race.

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Is this video related to the Zwift games?

New Zwift Prize Wheel

The zwiftinsider article is now saying that equipment will be neutralised for all zwift games events - elite and community races.

Can this be confirmed through any official channel? Or is zwiftinsider the official channel?

Will the event description be updated to include this information?

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Great news, no equipment disadvantage for new/low level riders!

Hopefully the neutralised performance takes account of racers choosing the handcycle, so they get and receive full normal drafting, like all other bikes (instead of being full from other handcycles, half from other bikes, giving nothing to other bikes).

Bit of clarity required…

Is stage one, Loop De Loop, one lap (~13Km) or two laps (~25Km)?

At least some of the events on the first day (Friday 1st March) on zwiftpower suggest one lap by their title, but the race description on zwiftpower says two laps and the zwiftinsider article says two laps.

All seem to be 2 laps. Looking at the ZwiftPower events I don’t see any indication of 1 lap.

As an example, summary of race up top says one lap 13Km.

Could be some very upset racers who pace themselves for one lap and then discover mid race it’s two laps!

Hmm yeah weird :man_shrugging:

That is actually a great idea.
If left to the individual,there would be incorrect placement (chea…) but if Zwift just routinely put our CE cat on the rider list, it would work.
We can see who is using Z power.

@Paul_Southworth it 2 Lap’s. just did it.

Me too but Zwift did not give me credit for completing stage 1. Under the “Zwift Worlds” box in the menu, lists 0/5 completed. So thats nice


@Mr_Deadpool Same for me 0/5 Zwift games.

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Is it just me, or are there an awful lot of zwiftpower rank 600 racers coming out of the woodwork for Zwift Games? :thinking:

Did Stage 1 last night and did not get credit for completing the stage. My result is in Zwift Power. Any idea what is going on? Thought maybe they were waiting to verify results. Still no credit.


there always is a lot of 600 racers in general but with zwift games i’m sure there is more with the marketing it gets new people to try racing