Zwift World Series Elite Qualifiers [September 2024]

Zwift World Series Elite Racing is coming to Zwift! Got what it takes to compete against the best of the best? Zwift World Series provides an opportunity for individual racers to stand out whether riding independently or working as a part of the team!

What is Zwift World Series?

It is a series of 5 scratch races that take place between September 2024 - January 2025. Each race will have a starting field of 50 rides and each race will have an open qualifier two weeks in advance to fill a portion of the start places.

Events will take place every two weeks with Men’s and Women’s races happening back to back on the same day!

Open Qualifiers for Race 1 start on September 5th, with the race taking place September 19th. Looking to sign up for the open qualifiers, check out the main page here or the Racing Guide here; which includes the registration links and all the details regarding the Zwift World Series. Additionally, you will find details on signing up for Stages 2-5 qualifiers also included in the Racing Guide!

Good Luck!

Looking to participate in the Zwift World Series but not at the Elite level? Stay tuned for more details on the community events, coming soon!

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Boooo, Thursday? Half the racers racing already have that day set for WTRL TTT.