The trainer does not "feel" the slope of the road

Hi. I use apple tv and Tacx Neo 2T. In hte last two days I have noticed that the trainer does not feel the slopes as if working in erg mode even outside of workouts. In the settings, I tried to put trainer difficulty near the max with the same result. Where is the problem? Apple TV? Tacx? Thx

This happened to me the other day on a Neo but I’m Windows 10 and Ant+.

Never done this before. Rebooted the PC and it was fine.

I have exactly the same problem. I use ATV and Kickr Core. It worked fine on ERG mode on a workout (correct wattages & resistance) but when riding on the road, no change in resistance.

I feel convinced that this happened before the latest firmware upgrade, but couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. If it seems to be a Tacx & Kickr problem, the common denominator is Zwift…

It wouldn’t be related to this as well? Everything seems to have gone wrong since this latest Zwift update. For me that’s the only change.

I had similar before when going to the latest Kickr Bike firmware then rolled that back. All fine after that until this update.

Yes they gave me my real life bike in Zwift (S5 2020) but they turned my Kickr Bike into a dumb bike.

I use the iPad version of Zwift to get around this error, it still works correctly while Apple TV version is broken.

What is happening with the QA? Things totally unrelated to the updates keep breaking.

had no clues, ur description is limited
if i get into similar trouble, would change to another computer to give a try, such as notebook change to PC.
i use NEO2, have never been a Apple devices user.

Same issue for me with Apple TV 4K since last update. I changed my Apple TV over this morning to a PC Laptop (with same update) and all worked OK on PC. A bit frustrated as 2 of the last 4 updates on Apple TV have actually been un-usable.

Update. After a few tries, I noticed that if I turn off the AppleTV and turn it back on the TacxNeo2T trainer connects correctly with the Zwift, also recognizing the slope. The problem only occurs again if, at the end of a session, I exit the app without turning off the AT. Before the last update I had never had this problem. Bye

Same problem here. Kickr is working fine with all other devices but no resistance on hills while using the Apple TV.
Edit: after shutting down the app completely bevor the Ride, everything works fine.

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Same issues here With the neo 2t paired to Apple TV. Will try the shutting down fix :slightly_smiling_face: