The glue effect needs a better feeling

Last week, me and my team tried to replace our usual normal riding event by a workout event. The idea is great, but the feature is not yet ready, after 10min the experience was so bad we had to stop. I start a conversation here in the hope this will help the developers to improve it and adapt it to what the user are looking for.

A. The speed was extremely slow for some users, giving a feeling of not moving very annoying for strong cyclists
B. The speed was oscillating for others, creating a zoom in zoom out effect bringing close to the vomiting state.
C. The SST workout chosen felt harder than normal, when trying to reduce the intensity through companion, it seems like only the pics went down, then when changing the slope through companion it got too easy and never went back up. The workout just seemed totally buggy.
D. After the club event failure, my team did another try with a simple meetup, with option to stick together and before the start of the meetup we all selected the same workout. But this configuration didn’t work as wanted either: the glue effect didn’t work.

There is certainly here a set of bugs, the zwift team probably have already tickets for. But the speed of the group, which seems to not be a new subject here, needs to be calculated and displayed differently, specially in the group trainings.
Sticking together at different power may not be real world feature, but for group workouts it has to feel real.


In a group workout the entire group is ‘rubberbanded’ together and, I believe, travels at the speed of the rider with the lowest FTP. This is, generally speaking, what makes group workouts frustrating for stronger riders. It is not a big, though, as keeping the group together is the intended behavior. If everyone traveled at the ‘correct’ speed, based on their watts, weight, and FTP, it would not be a group workout.

Isn’t there any group average power?

Not that I’m aware.

Thx for the answer.
It would be interesting for Zwift to develop the feature such that the group stay at the speed of the best, or at an average of a percentage of the bests.
I believe it’s fun to go fast when you are slow and it does not really matter as you try to build your workout, but it can be really annoying for strong riders to go slow :frowning:

Keep together meetups work this way. They are faster than group workouts :face_vomiting: and more realistic.

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