The data is not stored on the server

I drove a distance by bicycle, but there are no final records

More info is needed.

How far did you ride?
Did you have Zwift open on more than one device.

Any additional info could be helpful in assisting you in resolving your issue.

Zwit is open on a win10 laptop and zwitCompanion on an iPhone.
After the end of the race on the laptop, press the Esc key and save and exit. But the check-in is not saved and the data is not displayed in Strava. was several times. Very disappointing, because interesting races for information.

The .fit file is more than likely still on your PC and can be manually uploaded to 3rd party sites (Strava and others), but there is no way to manually upload .fit files to Zwift servers.

Here is how to get the .fit file:

Thank you. everything worked out

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