Did not record

Zwift did not save the ride I just down. Is there a way to recover it?

What device did you run Zwift on?

On a Windows or Mac you will find it in \documents\Zwift\activities
On iPhone or iPad us this trick: https://zwiftinsider.com/secret-feature-fit-files-ios/
Not sure how to do it on an Android
AppleTV there is no way at the moment to get them off the device.

After you have the .fit file you can manually upload it to 3rd party sites (Garmin, Strava…)

The ride could be saved on my.zwift.com

At the moment you cannot upload rides to Zwift.

Hi thanks, i was able to find it and upload it to strava, it is a shame that you cannot upload it to zwift and override the file record

What file record are you referring to?

The activity file. As the ride session is there but showing as 0 for everything. But when I uploaded to strava it read the file and showed all the information. So would be great if you could tell swift where the file is so it can read the file.