Help my last ride didn't save (MacBook)

is there anyone who can explain how I save my last ride.
As I was saving the ride, Zwift unexpectedly quit. I’ve never had that before.
I’d like to be able to save it to Zwift and Strava if that’s possible.

I think I would need step by step information as I’m no computer wizard.
I’m using a MacBook.
Thanks if anyone can help.
“Ride On”

Hi Troy -

On macOS, Zwift writes each ride file to this location inside your home folder:

Documents -> Zwift -> Activities

When you look inside that folder, you’ll see a bunch of files with names like “” - when you ride, Zwift writes to the active ride file every so often, so if you made it to the point of actually trying to save out the ride, chances are pretty good that the most recent .fit file in your Activities folder will have your whole ride in it.

Unfortunately, there’s no way outside of Zwift to upload that ride to your Zwift dashboard online - however, you CAN upload that .fit file to Strava, so you’ll have a record there at least.

Hope that info helps you out.
Ride On!

Hi Phil,
thanks for taking time to help.
I have managed to get some ride data to Strava.
So all is not lost.
Cheers again for your help.

No worries - glad to hear that you salvaged some ride data!