Ride File History

I have been on Zwift for about 2 years using the iMac computer and now almost exclusively on the iPad.  When I complete a ride it says my ride will be saved to Zwift.  Only just recently (in January) have I also added Stava to the save screen at the close of each ride.

Are my old ride files saved somewhere by Zwift?  I do have my “fit” files from my rides when using my iMac.

I understand the iPad saves the last 10 fit files?  Is that correct?  Can I get my old iPad fit files that are older than the last 10 rides?

I am considering moving to the Apple TV; but, I want to know if a ride (fit file) done on the Apple TV is going to be saved to any place for later access?  If not, I will need to be sure Stava is keeping my files.

Thanks for any comments on the above.

They are located here: https://my.zwift.com/index.jsp

You will have to click on Load More a lot of times to see them all