Failed to save a 100km ride

(Brent Finnamore) #1

Hi Zwift team,

Love the app. Was a little disappointed however when it failed to save a 100km ride I completed. I did retain the Accomplishment badge, I noticed, but the ride isn’t showing up on my list of saved workouts. 

Is this common? 

I’m using Mac.


Brent Finnamore

(Ray Ruyack) #2

Save where?  If Strava, you can upload the .fit file.  Not sure where it is located for a Mac.

(Brent Finnamore) #3

Sorry for not being more clear Ray. Saved in my Zwift account when I Login. 

(Brent Finnamore) #4

NOT saved, I should say. My other rides are, however.

(Ray Ruyack) #5

Open up a support ticket.  They should able to add it for you.

It’s not common on the PC side of things.