The calibration icon never goes away

I use Zwift with IPad and Elite Suito. The little calibration icon never disappears from my screen. It stays even when I with Zwift running on PC. I have tried calibrating many times. It always successfully calibrates but the calibration icon still stays.
Is there a way to work it around?

Welcome to the Forums, Lost.
It’s normal. Don’t think of that icon as an indication that your trainer needs calibration (Zwift does not and probably cannot measure that), but just as a button that you can use to calibrate a trainer. You can ignore it.

In any case, the general advice is to use the software of the trainer manufacturer (Elite, in your case) for any calibration needs.


Hi @Lost_Rider

Roule is correct. If the calibration icon remains, this is the expected behavior of the app. If after completing the calibration process, you receive an in-game notice that the calibration is successful, you should be all set.

If you’re having trouble calibrating in Zwift, then it’s best to calibrate using the Elite app instead (also as Roule mentioned), but calibration failure could be a sign of wireless signal interference. If that’s the case, see this article for help.


Thank you @Steven_D and @Roule_Thoune. I appreciate it.

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