The Bull pen Bug 100% drop out.

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #1

Zwift  get on the  Bull pen Bug, we can’t do group ride/racing.

cut out all Ant+   here video link to Casey VOD, same thing  with me.

kick this all way to the Top of the do to  list. 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Very interesting.  We’ve not touched ANT code in probably nearly a year now.

I can see from our records that there has been no increase in users who joined an event but went 0 distance before signing out, so it’s not a new or particularly chronic problem.   Has this happened to you or casey specifically more than once?

Sending in the log.txt file from that specific ride would be helpful here.  This is one of the rare cases a clue might actually be in there.


(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #3

it as happened to me  2 times  now, miss tour amgen ride and kiss ride.  I did start this ID  60427  files there,  nice that we got that live video.  Free world is Fine, it just in the bull pen. we are both on kickr

Thank you Jon

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #4

3 race out of 3 out of  the bull pen  all was Fine, I don’t know, I have not move thing around.

(Jon Mayfield) #5

All I have are your logs to look at, and nothing interesting was in there other than your signals totally dropped out.  No actual errors listed other than all of a sudden there was no signal.

Do you start a fan during warmup? Do you microwave a bag of popcorn a few minutes before an event?  :)  It’s a bit of a mystery, and our data isn’t showing a spike of these incidents so it’s not a very widespread problem.

I assume you’re using a USB extension cable - is that correct?

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #6

it was all the same as pass 100 start, I have not move thing.  yep that same place USB extension cable “so yes” that is correct?   I think this is close case, don’t know why. keep post if I see it happened to me.

side note ware did place my  “Faraday cage” I joke.