Drop outs just in TdZ

Hi there,
I’ve experienced some nasty drop outs during TdZ.
First time was at TdZ 4. (ANT+ Connection to my PC, 1m quality cable, no other electronics in the way, wahoo-Ant±dongle) Warming up in the pens for 29 minutes no drop outs, no sticky watts or hr, but 10 seconds into the “race” no data showed up (my Elmnt bolt kept recording and showing powerdata as well as HR). After a few seconds everything was back to normal until minute 6 or so when everything went off again.
I stopped and joined TdZ 4 one day later. This time connected via bluetooth (companion bridge) Worked fine.
Today Stage 5, 20 minutes warm up in the pens, bluetooth connection stable, 15 seconds into the race. No data. 2000 riders passed me. I saw their power, their chat and so on (so no connection loss to the zwift servers, I guess). I disconnected my kickr and hrm, reconnected, rode for 14k or so then again. Dropout. Wouldn’t reconnect either :confused:

Setup: Kickr 5, latest firmware update, Win 10 Desktop PC
Inet connection: 1000MB/sec down, 50mb/sec up (cable), ping 15ms. Seems to be no disconnect to the server (zwiftalizer) and my power and hr-data is showing up on elemnt :frowning:

No drop outs in group rides, freerides or workouts.

Zwiftalizer-Link (Ride 2 / Richmond) Zwiftalizer 2.0
Thanks for your help.
Ride on!

Hi @Anthro_Solipsist2507,

I looked at your zwiftalizer link, 20% rxfails on ANT+ is a lot, and 3 disconnects. Something is interfering or maybe the dongle is going bad?

Also, strange that it shows both ANT+ and Bluetooth connected… maybe one is the Wahoo Bolt?

Hi there.
The 20 % rx fails are the ant-connection in my warm up ride with coco. The second one (Richmond with bluetooth-connection) is the one to look at :slight_smile:
But yes, 20 % is a lot and I don’t know where the interference is coming from. Just have my keyboard, my mouse and my usb-ant-dongle connected to my pc (all on different usb 3.2 ports). Kickr Headwind is 2m away from my pc and on a different powerline.

do you have an extension cable for the ANT dongle?

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Do you have your ANT+ dongle on an extension cable?

36FPS with that system something is not right.

yes…a shielded usb-cable, 1m (maybe 1,5m). The dongle is 50 cm away from the Kickr.

I blame the old cpu. (World of Warcraft is 60+ fps on ultra settings)

Did you try to drop the graphics to ultra to see if you get less dropouts in busy rides?

I’ll lower the graphics for my ride tomorrow and see if that works. I’ll report back.

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No busy ride. Tried a workout on TF, ANT+
This is what it looks like. Zwiftalizer 2.0

Still rxfails but no complete connection loss. Maybe lowering graphics settings is a good start.

That link does not work :frowning:

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Link is now updated. Thanks for looking into it. <3

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That look a lot better, I would still think that rig can do better. If you are on FB check out “ZPCMR - Zwift PC Master Race” Dave is awesome and have some good guides on the page.

Try moving the ant + dongle to another location. I found with my trainer that having it on the left skewer give the best results.

I run Ultra because I am also streaming. Zwiftalizer 2.0

Lowering graphics, unplugging everything from my pc and no double recording with my Bolt worked like a charm: (seems I can’t create a new Zwiftalizer-Link, so here’s a Screenshot)

But this time I was “blessed” with the sticky watts…

Maybe TdZ is just not for me :slight_smile: