Textbox to write FTP on Workout DOES NOT WORK

Hi, I have Zwift updated to last version. When you are on Workout Screen to select a Training Plan o a single workout, on the botton right corner you have a textbox to write your FTP value. NOW , you do click on it to write but is not possible write, nothing happend, you can not write. You need use the arrows up/down BUT this is not ok because if my FTP is 285 , using the arrows you move to 290 … 282 … is not valid to select a correct ftp. Also the TEXT BOX is TO SMALL if you write a number with 3 digits !!

I do not know why, a company like zwift with a lot money , still have the zwift game with that ugly and complicated layout. Thank you.

I assume this is related to : Custom Workout Creation Doesn't Work [Mac] [1.39] [May 2023]