Not possible write on textbox to write a custom FTP on workouts

I wrote the last week this problem. Zwift had a update but this problem persists.I need write my custom FTP on the textbox on workouts screen and it is not possible.

Not sure why that wouldn’t be working for you, but there is another place you can edit your FTP.

If you click on your photo on the main Zwift menu, and then select “My profile” or whatever it is in your language, you should see FTP listed as one of the fields you can change there, alongside weight and miles/kilometres.

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Ok, thank you . I will try it. But to be honest, I do not understeand why a company like Zwift , with millions of $$ , have that ugly and not intuitive layout. Only spend money to improve the game graphics, but the layout … for other day.

Thank you Chris.