Test release problem!

Good afternoon,
I am trying to test the “Zwift Ride”, but my trial order has been pending for four days!
How do I request a seven-day trial?
I’m very interested in the game, to become a member, but I would like to test it first.
The following information appears on my profile: Free Trial Mode: -18,384 days remaining
Thank you very much in advance.

The 7 days start when you first ride in the game.

Hi @Ronaldo_Thomaz_de_Aq welcome to Zwift!

You may find the free trial FAQ informative.

Our support site has some very useful instruction on how to start runing or riding in Zwift in four different languages. Please let us know if we can help you down that road!

The problem is, I can’t get into the game. My release, both the test and the association, are still pending by Zwift.

I registered on Zwift just five days ago.


  1. Earlier today, some members based in Europe reported log in problems that we’ve tied to connection issues between major ISP’s. Are you in Europe?

  2. Please make sure that there’s not an extra space in the username field. This can happen (especially on iOS devices) if you tab between the username field and the password field.

  3. You might also try resetting your password via the “forgot password” link.