Tension Setting

When I change my tension setting on the app nothing happens,it still stays the same . I have tried to lessen the tension(I am getting older) but it still remains hard. Can anyone make a suggestion?

To what are you referring? There is no setting in Zwift called ‘tension’. Do you mean Trainer Difficulty, perhaps? And what trainer are you using?

Sorry ,yes I mean difficulty. Wahoo Kicker .

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Do you have the Kickr paired to Zwift as ‘controllable’?

How do I do that ?

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That is an impressive warranty. Word reckons it needs a hyphen though, which is a bit annoying.


The Trainer Difficulty setting affects resistance on hills. It won’t affect resistance on the flat. Just so you know.

In the Pairing screen that comes up after you login, as well as pairing the trainer to the Power device, make sure you also pair it to the Controllable device.

Thanks Steve,I will give it a go.

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