No option for setting difficulty level

There is no option for setting “difficulty level” in my Settings section. What do I need to do to access this option? Thanks

Need more info.

What Trainer?
What Device are you running Zwift on?
How are you connecting (BLE or ANT+)?

The more info you give us the better we can assist you.

Hi @Kevin_Hawker, that is for trainer difficulty and is only available on smart trainers. What type of trainer are you using?

I have a Saris H3 so that option should be svailable.TU for responding!

must be something wrong with how you are pairing it then, see Paul’s post, we need more info.

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I have the Saris H3 and use BLE with ATV4. T U for responding!

Is it paired as controllable? Do you feel the changes in incline when free riding in Zwift?

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Yes.i do feel increased/decreased chain tension with climbs/descents.

I only ever see this issue when the trainer has not been paired correctly.

What does this mean? I have also had trouble calibrating the H3, but Zwift shows my trainer’s power source as slways being connected properly!

You need to connect to Power source and to controllable.

Gerrie:I’ll try your duggestions. Thanks!!!

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something like this.

Thanks so much!!!

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The “controllable” image does appear on my screen, I do feel the changes with gradient increase, BUT the “difficulty” level does NOT appear on my “settings” screen?

Force close zwift on your apple TV, make sure it is fully updated, and try again. Force close Zwift after each use, it helps clear out any bugs.

Thanks 4 ur help. Will try it!

Hello, first post here.

I have the same issue. There is no option at all to adjust the “Trainer Difficulty” in the settings menu as the slider option does not appear at all. Which might be the reason why there is zero resistance when riding within the Zwift APP, although the odd time I have experienced the negative resistance phenomena when climbing, and positive resistance when descending.

Kickr Core (with most recent update). iPhone 8 (v15.1) and or iPad Pro. Connect via BlueTooth.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Zwift APP 3x on the iPhone/iPad and have returned the Kickr Snap to factory 2x. I am scratching my head…

Any help would be appreciated! Cheers!

Hi @Hugh_Pindur, welcome to the forums. I’ve seen some reports that certain permissions need to be manually granted on iOS devices since the recent update. Perhaps “location” permissions need to be granted for the iphone or ipad to use bluetooth with Zwift. Sounds like you aren’t connected as controllable trainer since you don’t feel resistance changes and the trainer difficulty option is not available.

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I had the same problem! As I recall, Z support advised opening a route and then accessing the menu, which should then allow access to the slider/difficulty option. Hope this helps!!!

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