Trainer control questions

I’m not sure if this question is for Zwift or Saris so I’ll start here:
I use Zwift on AppleTV with a Saris 3. I changed the device connections from the ATV to the iPhone app and added a Garmin cadence sensor. I also changed the Trainer Difficulty setting from 90-ish to 100%
On my very next ride the feel of the gradient changes was reversed: on flat road and negative grades the trainer was braked as if I was climbing a massive hill, and on inclines I would spin out. About halfway through the ride the effort and difficulty started to straighten itself out, until by the end it was ( for lack of a better word) normal.
My last three rides have been this way. What have I done wrong?

I changed the battery in the cadence sensor, power reset the trainer, ATV, and phone, then took a five mile free ride. The first mile was sketchy but after that it seemed fine so, maybe too many changes at once ?

Force close your apps on the ATV and your phone and unplug the Apple TV after every ride.