TDZ Stage4 Run extra distance

I ran the TDZ Stage 4 short run today which was stated as a 5.1km run. When I started although I could see my speed there was no blue line showing lead-in and distance to go until id run 300m. I nearly stopped to see if there was a connection problem. What is the point if having these extra distances, you may as well include them as part of the lead in, plus they don’t record on strava until the formal lead in commences, so basically pointless and wasted metres. Please explain Zwift

The distance bar won’t show until after you are out of the start pens.
I did the short run today also, and it seemed like we were in the far back pens, which makes no sense. It’s not like there were tons of runners, so why not start us in the pens closer to the actual start of the route?

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We’ll have used the default assigned pens, but your feedback is valid. The same happens with cycling.

I’ll share with the team.