"Short" TDZ run 4 is 23.8km/14 miles

Shorter run isn’t short at all!
23.8km is more than a half marathon, and considerably more than any of the longer runs.
I really want to complete the Tour de Zwift, but I’m not at a running level to complete that kind of distance.
Is this a mistake? It’ll put a awful lot of folks off.

This probably doesn’t help, but the short run for the 2nd run was listed at 9.8km but when I logged in to run, it was actually 2.4km for some reason. I was disappointed to be honest. I assume that there is a mistake in the displayed distances for the 4th run as well. I hope Zwift takes a look at what is going on with the discrepancies.

I’ve learnt from my mistake in run #2… The course length is given on the initial screen, whilst the actual distance being run on the course for that specific run is within the text description of the event. For #4 it’s 5k’s I think. (I had the same heart attack this morning when looking at my program!)

^ This. From the text of the stage 4 on the companion app:

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There is some type of error with the makeup run where it was having us run the 14+miles for the run today. I had a half hour over lunch to run it thinking it was 3 miles but no finish line came and it showed 14 miles for the distance on top during the run. Frustrating because it’s my last run to complete for TDZ.