TDZ stage 5 crashed

(Graham Macpherson) #1

Anyone else thrown out of stage 5 TDZ? Second stage for me that’s crashed.

Cmon Zwift sort this out.

Using Apple TV and latest version of zwift and IOS.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Sorry to hear @Graham_Macpherson: can you explain a bit more about the crash. when did it happen, did you join late and what time and time zone.

(Graham Macpherson) #3

I joined with 12 mins to go before the start of the stage. I joined the 1700hrs GMT. I don’t know exactly when the crash happens but it was within the first few miles.

(Vincent) #4

Moving this to Bugs and Support

There has been a spike in crashes with this stage so we are collecting information!
Can you please send in a support conversation with your log files and Crash report if possible?

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(J C (PACK) BMCC) #5

Crashed here as well. Apple TV. All apps up to date.

Edit: The app crashed, but I managed to restart and rejoin the event. It would be great if I can have acknowledgment on the TdZ calendar that I’ve done Stage 5, thanks!

(Nick D) #6

Same here, and I’m also using the latest version of Zwift on a Apple TV running the latest tvOS.

I joined about 16:53 GMT so warmed up in the start pen then Zwift crashed about 10 minutes after the start. In the multiple attempts to restart I just got stuck in the start pen where it displayed ‘Finding Riders’. I could see other riders joining and leaving the pen but I didn’t move. I tried closing the Zwift application between retries but this made no difference. I also saved the 10 minutes of riding I managed to complete before trying to start again but again this made no difference…

(Graham Macpherson) #7

how do i get that?