Tdz keeps crashing jst after the start

Hi guys once on round 1 and now at 2pm today and 3pm today. Everything seemed fine until 30 secs into the race then wallop total dropout.
On apple tv hd.

Is it because so many riders?

Might be. Just so you know, upgrading to any of the 4K models will give you a higher frame rate and added shadows (not on riders though). Also the later 4K models with the new remote give you the improved usability of directional buttons for the UI.

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Will these changes still work on a hd tv not 4k?

Not if you mean the higher frame rate and added shadows, no. They are on the 4K models and not HD.

The stages of TdZ do get very busy so it’s possible it was a load-related crash, but it could be something else. Do you always force-close the Zwift app after each session? Because not doing so can cause various odd problems.