TDZ stage 5 activity details blank

If we don’t get the stage credited by support I did spot in the FAQs that there will be re-hosting the stages to sweep up by those who missed them. It’s not ideal (I have already done it twice), but I will be doing that if I don’t hear anything back (not the Richmond on though!).

Same thing has happened for me with stage 8. I completed the stage and saved as normal, it’s showing in Zwift power but in Zwift Companion it shows an activity but all the info is blank. Also it’s not registered that I’ve done the stage so guessing I’ll have to ride it again?

@shooj this happened again today in the TOW.

Same thing as all the above, but in 2022. Joined TdZ stage 5 A (Richmond) about 5" late. Complete stage based on event progress bar and then went the extra few km. Went under start banner. No sign that I had completed event. Went from like 390 to 1st out of 600 but didn’t see anyone after going under banner at end of lap 2. In Zwift activity feed, it shows a separate Tour de Zwift Stage 5 and calls my activity TdZ Stage 5 and uploaded correctly to Strava and Training Peaks, but no badge for completion of stage. Using Apple TV and companion app.

I’m wondering whether you had a network glitch given the lack of riders around comment (which is a typical symptom of network issues) and the lack of badge reinforces that. Your activity looks fine and I can see you in other people’s photos.

I late started Stage 5 by <1minute yesterday and had a few anomalies (no position, some riders not appearing on rider list that I was riding with etc) but everything still registered (wahoo climb data, TdZ badge and ZP update). Might be worth popping your log file onto zwiftalizer to see if that highlights anything.

BTW, here’s the 2022 TdZ where people are popping the odd issue onto. Keep an eye on that for any similarities too.