TdZ S7/Long Ride Problem

I seem to have encountered a bug on the Royal Pump Room 8 ride, this evening Monday 7 Feb 20:00 CET.
I didn’t realise until half way round the course but the distance cycled and time failed to record. Speed, metres climbed and the blue distance to finish course indicator did record. Also, the ride wasn’t added to my Companion app activities list.

Hi @M.tch

Sorry to hear that your ride didn’t record or save properly, and I get how that can be confusing or frustrating.

I had a look at your account using my internal tools, but I can’t explain why that occurred based on the available data. This will almost certainly require an analysis of your log files and closer investigation from our Tier 2 tech support team.

I’d suggest you gather your Zwift log files as explained in this article, and send them to our team for review. You can reach us here.


Hi Steven, I have emailed the files to logs@zwift.

One other note regarding the images above… Whilst I was riding the TdZ event, the time remained on 0:01ET as you can see on all except the last image 0:08ET, which is after the finish line where the clock started counting again…If you didn’t already note this.

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Perfect, @M.tch , and we did receive the log files; I appreciate you sending them.

I sent you an email reply just moments ago, and we’ll keep working with you on this issue. Thanks!