TACX vs KICKR bike

Morning everybody!
I am considering buying one of these turbo bikes, I know pros and cons according to some internet reviews, but if anybody of you can give me some feedback I would be very grateful.

Kickr bike or Tacx?

Thank you in advance!

Which Tacx trainer?

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Sorry, Tacx neo bike smart.

I would say check this out:


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Here is the comparison of the smart bikes:

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Thank you for the links.
I was looking for some real-owner feedback. In some zwift event I spot some comments regarding having issues with both Kickr and Neo, this is why I’ve decided to post my message.

Would it be possible to get some owner feedback?

Search the forums for some feedback:


Have you considered the Stages SB20? I received one on Monday. Only had it for a couple of short rides so far. It is very smooth and incredibly well built. I mean built like a tank. Check out DC Rainmakers and Shane Miller (DC Lama) youtube videos for details. DC Rainmaker, in his usual style, has an incredibly detailed written report at his website.

GP Lama

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I have the Tacx bike - done over 6500k since October. No issues, smooth gear changing (instant) and road feel was enabled months ago.
I went from a wheel on trainer and the difference was incredible.
I love the ease of connection, mobility of the unit if needed. I can be riding in the time it takes to start zwift

Tacx Neo bike? Wow look at the price. I would expect an amazing experience for that money.

Had my kickr bike for over a month, about 3,000 km, has been amazing, no problem at all, incline feature is fantastic, very realistic road feel. In fact, I’m riding more closely to what I would outdoor (cadence and time in the seat) compared to when I had my road bike on the kickr 18 with the kickr climb, where I ride lower cadence and more out of the seat than outdoor. Faster response to zwift as well compared to the kickr 18.

Do you notice any problems with shifting? Setup was easy. Incline works great. The shifting doesn’t though. I’ve made sure the bike isn’t in erg mode, but shifting still seems to be mostly not working.

Est-ce que la friction d’une courroie, fait positivement ou négativement une différence vs une chaine sur le pédalier? Ou est-ce le même feeling?