Kickr Bike Experience - it broke

I was thrilled to get my Kickr Bike about 10 days ago right after Christmas.

Setup was impressively easy with minimal assembly required. It probably took 20 minutes to get physically set up. Sizing was also a breeze, with one small area for improvement. The app has you take a picture of your bike, place pins at a few places, and take a couple of measurements. It then tells you how to adjust the bike. I had a problem because I was accidentally entering “100” instead of “1000” millimeters. Sorry, I’m American. Instead of telling me this didn’t make sense, it kept telling me something like “there’s a problem, try again later”. Super frustrating until I figured it out, then finishing just took a couple seconds. This needs to be improved with some bounds checking logic.

Once it was set up, connecting to Zwift was easy of course, and the bike feels very polished and smooth. The motorized flywheel and incline really make it feel much more “real” than my Magnus trainer. It’s not “virtually silent” as they claim, in fact it makes a bunch of different noises based on the speed you pedal. But it’s still pretty quiet and DRAMATICALLY quieter than a wheel-on trainer.

As someone else here has noted, it did feel like the power meter was reading lower than the magnus. I kept getting dropped in rides I used to be able to do without issues. I hadn’t been able to figure out if this was a real problem or not, because after 5-6 rides, it broke. It just started showing “Err 9”. You can pedal it, but the resistance was fixed and the controls unresponsive. The app claimed there was a shifter problem.

Tech support has been solid so far, but they made me put down an additional $1500 deposit to ship me a replacement. I know I will get this back, but given the circumstances - one of the first customers to pay over $3K for this bike, only to have it break the first week - I’m not thrilled by this. Nor am I thrilled it’ll take another week to get me a replacement. They offered me a no-deposit option, but that would have taken more than twice as long.

One interesting fact - after putting my Magnus setup back together, I was immediately back at the front of the pack in my group rides. So the jury is still out on the power meter accuracy.

I knew I was taking a chance on a 1.0 product, but I’m pretty surprised it took such a short time to get burned. I enjoyed my time on the bike, hopefully the new one will be more reliable.


Thank you for this post. It’s highly interesting to me, and I guess it also helps slightly on your frustrations at the moment :wink:

I have had an order placed on the Tacx Bike for a very long time, and I’ve also more or less made my mind up that I’ll also have to order the Wahoo Bike when it becomes available in Europe.

I guess the ongoing delay of the delivery of the Tacx Bike is due to the issues that always shows up with new stuff, especially when mechanical parts are involved, and one of my “excuses” for buying both a Tacx and Wahoo is “at least there´s a chance I have one working when the other one are in for repair” :wink:

So far there´s no problem for me since none of the bikes are available in Denmark, and my old Tacx Neo trainer just requires some cleaning and a new freehub for time to time :grin:

Please update this post when you have news, I think it’s interesting to hear if the power figures are different on the replacement bike, and if it works flawless.

Good luck on your second bike and RIDE ON :grinning:



Thanks for sharing. After having had three high end and one middle of the road power meters, I did what any sensible man does in the end and agreed with the wife (“Why do you waste money on this ■■■■? It’s not based on matured technology.”).

After three years I’m still very surprised at the sustainability of the 1st gen NEO, though. I guess everybody gets lucky once in a while.

But generally speaking, the ROI of supposedly premium bike technology is very disappointing, and so is customer support generally.

Good luck with your Kickr Bike. I hope it works out in the end. :blush:


An update, got my replacement bike today, only about 5 calendar days after they sent it. I’m back up and running, things seem like before. I will post again after some time or if I have a significant problem.



Thanks for the update and nice to hear that the support from Wahoo seems to be really quick.

If just Wahoo would release the bike in Europe, can’t wait :slightly_smiling_face:


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I just had the same thing happen - error 9 mid-ride & no shifting. The app is telling me that the shifters have been disconnected, but they are still connected! This is so frustrating. I hope that the fix is quick and that I don’t need a whole new bike.

Let us know what happens. My new bike is still working, no issues.

What happened with your bike?

I had to send it back. It took 2 weeks from when I first contacted them about the problem to when I received my new bike. All is great with the second one so far.

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