Kickr Bike Experience - it broke

Yes, your quite right .Thanks

Cheers for the reply Barry. Seems a logical progression.
I hope it’s fixed asap.

One question - have you been moving he handlebars regularly / between rides / moving them for different users?

My 6-week-old (!) KICKR bike shifters just died, and i have a “theory” that its somehow a wiring issue related to the connection inside the bike which will move when I change the position of the handlebars for when my wife wants to ride… (The fact that its so easy to change the setup of the KICKR bike was one of the main selling points for me)

Wondering if you have the same experience.

My shifters just died on me as well. I think it has something to do with the way they are attached to the Led console. If I remove the plastic at the bottom of the Led console and plug the cables back in everything works fine again. Maybe the plugs are a little bit to small and only just connect. Hope this is helpfull to anybody

Hi Barry,

I noticed that “High resistance on upshifts initially” on my Kickr Bike as well. After dealing with it I came to the conclusion that the behavior is probably as it should be. In the meantime I got used to it.

Is the new Kickr Bike showing a different behavior?


I suspect your right , my replacement bike has not arrived yet .

We too have this shifter issue that we are trying to get solved with Wahoo. There are also multiple riders here, the bike has 90+ hours of use so far. We see that the right shifter logs an error in the middle of rides, in erg mode not a problem, but in Sim mode it makes it unrideable. Sometimes changing the connects restores the shifting, other times not. As others have said the big advantage of the bike was just ability to reset a few things and ride it. Once you know your settings it takes less than 30 seconds to do it. But, the handlebars are adjusted every time so maybe this movement causes the issue.

I find the tech support to be lacking, not from a knowledge perspective, but simply I want to call and speak with someone and I cannot. Everything is done email and it seems to take a day to get a reply.

How did you deal with it?

Well after a couple days Wahoo got back with me on the issue and yes it was 2 days since I provided all the detail they asked for. They sent a new set of bars, which are simple to replace, and currently we have a working solution. I will say this, the problem is intermittent, one day the right shifter is not operable, but the left might be, some days the both would not work. Right now I am mostly doing a workout plans, and I am in erg mode most of the time, but since I am relatively new, I thought I would ride all the routes and collect up all the badges. I’ve done all the short stuff and I am basically to the point where after an hour and a half work out I still have a few miles to go to finish a route. It really sucks to do the last few miles in sim mode stuck in low gears where I cannot make a lot of watts.

That being said I am hopeful the bar switch is the solution and that the module on the bike that the connectors plug into is not faulty.

This saturday i connected my kickr bike and it died on me. And the power block is blinking. Has this happened to anyone else? Such a shame, its so smooth in zwift compared to any regular trainer…

Hi Eirik, I have exactly the same issue. I received my Kickr bike 7 weeks ago and have worked it for about 80 hours. I felt quite lucky with my bike as I had heard about so many people having issues and mine appeared to be problem free out the box.

Couple of days ago mid-ride on the Volcano KOM it just died, initially I thought my surge protected power board had tripped but then noted my fan also connected to the board was still running.

I disconnected the power block and could see the led was solid green, connected back to the bike and it blinked. Still no power to the bike. I also noted that when pedalling with no power the sensation is lumpy, almost like there is restricted movement at some point in the rotation. Does your bike pedal free or is it the same?

I have raised a ticket via my LBS, was supposed to be completing a virtual Everest tomorrow on Alpe so pretty annoyed right now.

Spot on, exactly the same. There’s a new one on the way for me. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: have you felt the sensation of a virtual tire slip leading up to this? I recon it was normal because it was the same technology as the neo :thinking:

I didn’t feel a virtual slip prior, but to be fair I was pretty zoned out watching TV as doing a relatively easy ride. My LBS have a brand new bike in stock so hoping Wahoo approve a straight switch without too much hassle.

I have to send mine back in two separate boxes. Great piece of kit when it works. Roadfeel superior to regular kickr :slight_smile:

Same problem with the flashing power supply and dead bike.
Maybe charging the phone while riding overloaded the system.?