Kickr Bike Experience - it broke

I have had my Kickr Bike since April and have loved it during lockdown. I have suffered occasional creaking but this has always worked itself out with or without a little maintenance of connections.

I have had mine for 1 month, love it ( also feels wattage is lower than my watt bike but maybe it is just the legs or that this one is more accurate ! )
Small problem with handlebar / stem sliding down a bit as the Q/r lever is super tight but still not tight enough it seems ?
Re shifting am a bit worried, did a long ride ( everesting ) on it few days after I got it, sweated a lot, and have had unwanted shift down - 2-3 gears - a few times since. Manageable, but isa that an issue with the sweat that may have damaged the shifters ?
Also got a creaking noise, any idea what to do to fix it ?

I have had my Kickr Bike since June 2020. Love everything about it except that the shifters keep failing. They are in the process of sending out the 3rd set of bars. If the trend continues I anticipate the bars failing again in a few weeks. My hunch is that they have not properly considered sweat (and resulting corrosion) in the device with the ports that the bars plug into. This is really frustrating because I am now going on two weeks with the bike stuck in the 1/3 gear position.

Based on some of the comments I see in here I suspect they might end up replacing the bike but will that truly remedy what appears to be a product design flaw? :frowning:

Oh man. Thats sucks! I think I am destined for the same path as I am now on my 3rd set of bars to deal with the shifters failing.

New handlebars sent from Wahoo are working fine. Wahoo were great in resolving.