Tacx Vortex drops out after super tuck

This has happened to me twice now, both in races which is so frustrating.

To initiate supertuck I brake to stop the trainer then at the appropriate time start pedaling again but over the last 2 races the trainer is totally unresponsive. This leads me to jump off the bike unplug the trainer and reboot to get going again obviously not ideal.

Running zwift on windows computer and using ANT dongle for trainer, heart rate

Anyone had this issue?

Flux2 as well… (sometimes)

Why do you stop the trainer? All I do is stop pedaling. AFAICT Has to be above a certain speed 50-60 kph to initiate. I am on an H3.

I guess objective is to reset the trainer/Zwift connection. It seems the later, rather than the former, as (in my case…) ANT+ data is still available.

(Hey @Justin_Hagan - seems you are using ANT+ … strange)

Thanks for sharing this informative post!

Understand your frustration as this shouldn’t happen. As a workaround you could try to softpedal in stead of braking. With power output below 11W your avatar should still get into supertuck. See also:

Have not had this issue with my trainers (Tacx Neo / Genius), so it might be a Vortex issue.
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