Tacx Flux S diconnect during Aerotuck (ATV)

Once in about 10 race sessions my Tacx Flux S disconnects while doing an aerotuck. I think it shoots in a pause-mode and disconnects. I got my Flux S connected with an Apple TV.

Anybody experienced the same problem? And know how to solve it?

Funny when i searched for aerotuck, you came @Tom_Smulders_CS010_C came up

Have same trainer and experienced this twice when descending the alpe.
But running on windows laptop, but has been a while. Now i just pedal once in a while.

Was actuall looking for other tuck problem. Since recently it takes ages to get in tuck position, sometimes even losing the opporrtunity to do so.
Will search forum further for that.
And when i’m finally in position the aavatar changes between sitting up and tucking few times before finally going in tuck .

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Mine has started to do this recently on a decent. Last 2 rides, the Flux S has lost its connections, its like its turning its self off because you stop peddling. Did you find a fix?

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No, still happening. It looks like it happens on certain routes, for example Yorkshire. What computer do you have? And when did it happen?

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Yep same thing, mostly on the longer descents.
Happens in events and during a meetup. Now I just keep my legs spinning on the descents to avoid loosing connection. It is very rare that I loose connection any other time, seems to be something with the supertuck. Maybe why the UCI has now banned the supertuck :sunglasses:
Had my Flux since 2017 and running Zwift on a MacBook.

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I think this is an issue with the flux S. I used to have one but recently changed to a kickr and get no problems.

My wife has the flux s and she gets the issue now. I tried disabling power saving modes on the USB ports but it didn’t work.

Upgraded to a tacx ant+ dongle and there haven’t been issues but she has really not had any long decent recently

Also use the tacx ant+ dongle, pretty sure it only happens on long descents. Might try it next time I head down the Alpe and see if it still occurs.

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Haven’t tested the tacx dongle on anything more than Zwift KOM descent!

I have an AppleTV, so I dont use a dongle. My theory is that it is not dongle related, but a Flux S issue.

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Garmin are replacing my Flux S when they are back in stock, (end of April!). its a relatively new flux s (2 months old) and came with the .45 firmware, which isnt released yet? I also use an ANT+ dongle and my HR monitor stays connected when the flux S signal drops, so to me that says its a unit error not interference or something like that.

To get round the issue i used my pedal power meters and that seems to stop it happening. But really i shouldn’t have to use them.

Im also trying to angle for a refund as the Kickr is back in stock and they seem to have a lot less issue and are be a lot more accurate.

Using its on a macbook pro M1.

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I also got a Tacx Flux S replacement. It is just coming in the next days. I will reply soon if it solves the problem.

I used to have the problem with my Vortex, thanks to Tacx support I solved it by switching of the 5Hz network on the router nearby. They told me that is uses a similar frequency than the bluetooth signal and can cause interference.

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