Tacx Flux issues on Zwift today

Been using Tacx Flux S with Zwift for a year with hardly any issues, but suddenly today had apparently all connections working but Avatar not moving from side of road when peddling. Several iMac and Flux reboots, and Calibrating the trainer, got that working and got on the move. However something still wasn’t right, peddling like mad but it wasn’t giving appropriate speed/Watts performance during ride, by comparison to how it’s felt before. Is this a bug? Or could something else be going on? Thanks

I started having the same issue yesterday with my Tacx Flux. It happened half way through my ride. I tried to reboot and restart and even updated all that was needed on my computer but still no joy. I did my ride today using a different VR program and my trainer worked just fine.
I sent a note to Zwift support and hoping to hear of some solutions.

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