MAC + Tacx Vortex + recent update

(Aldo Cella) #1

Anyone else having problems with today’s update on the MAC? I’ve submitted a ticket, but Zwift recognizes my trainer OK, it just won’t register any activity. So 0 watts, 0 rpms etc. It sees the trainer and puts me in the game, but it won’t see the activity. I’ve rebooted my mac, and brought the mac to right beside the trainer, etc. and again it sees the trainer, but to activity. 

(Aldo Cella) #2

Looks like I sorted this one out. Oddly enough, at the same time i got the update, somehow the cover of my tacx resistance unit was partially separated from the device. So, for some reason it sill generated a signal for connection, but wouldn’t send any data. Very odd and a bit disconcerting, but once I clicked the cover back in place, voila!

(Mike Conway CCNS) #3

Aldo - Are you running Zwift on a Mac, communicating to the Tacx Vortex via an Ant+ stick?  This is the configuration I’m considering, but am looking  for confirmation that the configuration works for someone.

(Aldo Cella) #4

Hey Mike, yes and it has been working fine. Although, recently there have been a couple of crashes, but everyone crashed at the same time. Other than that I am satisfied with the experience and am using it once or twice per week on average.