Tacx Vortex

(Vincent Vaquier) #1

My Tacx vortex is no longer recognize since MacOS Elcapitain update and Beta update of the 30 September ? And the Vortex is not propose in the list of Tacx device.

Anyone can help ? Thanks in advance.

(Jason K) #2

If you’re using the Tacx Vortex Smart ANT+ T2180, you should be looking under the “Power” menu, not the speed menu. If you don’t have the T2180, then your trainer actually isn’t supported, and you’d need an ANT+ power meter to get accurate readings.

( 41, Godspeed ) #3

Vincent, I too am using the Tacx Vortex Smart T2180 and it appears to be 100% supported and works great.  

However, I haven’t upgraded my Mac from Yosemite 10.10.5 to El Capitan.  Thanks for the heads up on a possible capability issue as I’m staying on Yosemite for a bit due to other issues out in the wild.

It does look like you approach the pairing a bit differently then I do though.  When I start Zwift, I login, it finds my Ant+ dongle and then I click on the Controllable Trainer option and select the ANT+ Trainer 16767 (only option found on the search).  This then automatically selects the Power Source and Cadence sensors for the Tacx Vortex.  I then click on the Heart Rate search and select my MIO Fuse and away I go.  At no time do I have to specify my type of trainer, etc.

Hope this helps get you going and please let me know if there is a compatibility issue with El Capitan - more importantly, if there is, how you and when you resolve it.  Good luck and hope to see you riding…

( 41, Godspeed ) #4

Vincent, one other thought, make sure you use the Tacx Utility to update the firmware to the latest version.

(Vincent Vaquier) #5

Thanks for all your Help. I have done all the update and it works perfectly now. Thanks Again.