Tacx Vortex set up question

(Brad Tripp) #1

I am currently running the following set up:

Tacx Vortex Smart

Stages PM

Garmin Ant+ dongle


When I pair through Zwift, I use the Stages as my power and cadence source and set Tacx Smart as my smart trainer.  When riding I am not getting any change in resistance from the Vortex.  It has been calibrated correctly.  Is there an issue with the Ant+ I am using?


(Jorgen Ahlstrom) #2

Same setup, except Imac Retina instead of Macbook, works for me. Can’t help more than that.

(Joseph DeLuca) #3

Had similar problem - make sure tacx vortex isnt connected to any other devices via bluetooth or Zwift cannot control it.  That was at least the problem with mine.

(R Gate ARCC) #4

I found that calibrating using the iphone would prevent Zwift or TR connecting to the Trainer, until the iphone app was killed and the pairing re-made with the PC program. 

Trainerroad has it’s own spin down calibration that solves this issue

(Tom Coudyzer (TK.be) B) #5

Be sure your firmware is 1.3.7 otherwise redistance wont work. Firmware can be update via an ios device