Pairing with an iVortex

I have an issue pairing an iVortex with Zwift! I’m running TTS 4.22 (latest) withouIt any issues. Do anyone know if the iVortex woks with Zwift or is just incopatible?

Some clarifications: I’m using Bluetooth, I have successfully paired my Heartrate strap (it just turned up = no prolems). Looks odd the Vortex shouldnt pair?!

Furthermore, I have just shifted to ANT+ via my TACX Ant+ stick, Same thing … Paired with a HR Strap but the Vortex does not show up?!

I have a Samsung phone with the utility to calibrate. Have to do that first and do it via bluetooth. Then you have to turn off bluetooth on everything in the area you have the Vortex set up. Vortex and Macbook air have to connect via Ant+USB and Bluetooth has to be off or Zwift on the Mac can’t find the trainer. Not sure everything you have, but that’s how mine works

OK! THX for the advice. Tried with limited luck. I’m a bit afraid that my iVortex is a bit old (its NOT a Vortex Smart but rather the predesessor iVortex). Except from that I’m on an ASUS Game Laptop with enough memory, CPU and GPU to run TTS on the highest setting without any problems. The ANT Stick is the TACX ANT+ stick 3yrs old and it came with the iVortex.

It seems like my iVortex does not have a BT interface and consquently only the ANT+ one. My heart rate strap is a really old Garmin strap … as said the strap connected real nice and fast and showed the correct heartrate from start.

You mentioned a calibration app?! Can that app be used via ANT to calibrate the Tacx break? I did find the Zwift app, downloaded the one to my samsung phone but could never find the feature to calibrate … wrong app?

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Shoot, I’m sorry, I thought yours was also a TACX smart trainer. The utility app is to calibrate the smart trainer to ensure it changes resistance with the grade as you climb, so it wouldn’t be applicable to a standard trainer (although I see yours has braking resistance, I think Zwift sees it the same way as it would a standard trainer).

Honestly you might want to try updating the Ant+ USB. I’m wondering if that is compatible with Zwift.  I could swear there is a list of compatible ant+USB sticks, but can’t remember where that is at. If you search the knowledge base (something like “Ant+ USB”) it comes up, and if yours is not supported maybe getting one that would do the trick.

With the smart trainer I know 100% certain that the issues I ran into were related to a bluetooth ant+usb conflict and once I switched off bluetooth I was good to go.

Yep same probs here(Belgium) vortex T1961 ,works perfect with TTS4 software.Heartrate belt Garmin detected by Zwift in 5seconds but no Vortex detection.Updated my tacx drivers,using also 4.22 .Acer aspire v3 772G ,NVIDEA geforce GT750

2 days lost to work out frustrating problem

Is there a solution for this?

I have have the same issue having just bought a second hand T1960.

My clubmate who sold it to me used it on Zwift successfully but Zwift cannot find the trainer when I try to use it.

This is especially strange as I have been using a Vortex Smart trainer fine with Zwift.

The trainer is working fine with the handlebar mounted display, but  have not yet been able to install the Tax Trainer Software 4 because the license key has already been used by my club mate.

Any ideas?