Harrogate bug after supertuck?

During Zwift Classic on Harrogate last week I lost twice connection with the bluetooth, a first time at about 20 min in my race after the supertuck and then reconnected bluetooth (generated a new name for the trainer automatically) and managed to race another bit before he disconnected again and the reconnected again automatically by giving the original name to the trainer.
I recalled having done a TTT for the WTRL in April and I had exactly the same problem.
It always happens after a supertuck and in happened only in Harrogate so far.
Let me know if you want more details to investigate

What trainer do you have? What is your setup?

Tacx Vortex. First time with Ipad mini, second with Apple TV 4K (wired on fiber glass connection).
I have done quite some races now, and seems that the loss of connection happened only on Harrogate (twice) and once on Sand and Sequoia (very short one).

I guessed you would say it was a Tacx Vortex or Flux. For some reason some people do seem to see this problem from time to time on these trainers. I have no idea why that should be. It’s as if the fast freewheeling causes the trainer to disconnect.

I had the same problem happen a few times with my Tacx Smart Flow; when I freewheeled, it would sometimes disconnect, on several worlds. I learned I just had to never try a supertuck, and always keep pedalling slightly. However, you might be able to fix it by using the Tacx app to see if there’s an update to your trainer’s firmware.

Here are details on how to do that:

I contacted Garmin before the summer and they sent me a new Firmware already, but the interesting thing is that I keep doing Supertucks but it is not a problem (like in last weeks TTT in New York ). The problem somehow seems to repeat in Harrowgate… It may be a coincidence…

It could be a coincidence. For me it first happened on a flat bit in London; it also happened in France once, Austria once, and I think it happened going down the Yorkshire KOM once. It was stopping pedalling which caused the problem, not going into the supertuck. I just remembered there’s this Zwift support page, which may give you a workaround to fix it:


Well to go into supertuck you need to stop pedalling…
I was in contact already with Garmin support and strangely the problem did not repeat since months, actually since last Harrogate…

I meant that I experienced it at lower speeds (where you don’t go into supertuck) as well as at high speeds. Whether I was trying to supertuck or I just stopped pedalling for some other reason (like a mechanical) I’d sometimes lose connection. Yours could well be different.

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No it was the first time I lost Bluetooth connection since the firmware change. But even before it happened only after Supertucks