Tacx Flux 2 crashes

Hi I am using zwift from my android devices and after 50k approx o 1 HR and half rides, races or just any routes my rollers suddenly disconnect and there is no way to reconnect them. I connect the rollers with Bluetooth and have tried with or without a HR monitor but same issue (I had an ant+ heart monitor but also tried a dual HRM with Bluetooth but same issue). I am really frustrated and can’t seem to solve the problem, can anybody help??? Thanks

Hi @eddie_schultz_7360 welcome to Zwift forum.
You’re the second person in a few hours who’s mentioned their Tacx having odd intermittent issues.

Have you updated the firmware on the Tacx trainer by any chance? There’s some talk on the Garmin / Tacx forum about users rolling back to an older version to fix issues.

I bought the rollers begging of march. Real pain in the ass. Tacx say it is not true, to try and use there app and see if the problem continues… They say might be over heating


Hmm… interesting. Someone else had a Tacx Flow classic trainer and solved his disconnection problems by blowing a fan on the turbo unit. Your Tacx is direct drive, but maybe it might be helpful?

I believe that over heating might be issue…will try cooling system