Tacx vortex connection

Hello, have you had any problems connecting to the tacx vortex and Zwift device. My tacx is detected in the Tacx app but Zwift is unable to find it. So, impossible to ride!
Can you help me
Thank you

If you are connecting via bluetooth, ensure that the Tacx is disconnected from everything: the app, or any other device or program, prior to Zwift.

Yep always disconnect before trying to connect with Zwift but doesn’t work

Ok…would be helpful if you fully describe your setup…connections protocols, Zwift device, etc… The more info you provide the better the help available.

Tacx model T2180Vortex, updated last night :heavy_check_mark:
Tacx app working perfectly with trainer :heavy_check_mark:
Closing tacx app and all other app before use Zwift app :heavy_check_mark:
Zwift app update :heavy_check_mark:
iPad on iOS update :heavy_check_mark:
Disconnect tacx vortex to 120v for a night :heavy_check_mark:
Trying to delete Zwift app and reinstall + update :heavy_check_mark:
Erase my iPad and reinstall all app included Zwift :heavy_check_mark:

Not changing and not working !
I don’t have any ideas why is not pairing…
Thanks !

It might still be paired to the iPad or Tacx app. Zwift won’t be able to see it if it’s already paired to something else. Check the list of paired BT devices in the iPad settings.

I will call Tacx for more information. I will give you more information later…