Cannot pair Tacx Vortex w/ Zwift on iPad

Recently it became impossible to pair my Tacx Vortex trainer to Zwift on my iPad. I don’t know why.

I am able to pair the Vortex to the Tacx Utility on my iPad (but it won’t show up in Zwift)
I am able to pair the Vortex to Zwift on my iPhone with no problems (even when I have a heart rate monitor and headphones also paired to the Bluetooth)

I have updated to the latest firmware on the Vortex

However - no matter what I try (and I’ve tried turning Bluetooth on and off, turning the iPad on and off, disconnecting the Vortex and reconnecting, disabling and removing the Tacx Utility app) - I am unable to get the trainer to connect to the iPad.

I have an iPad Pro. And am running Zwift 1.0.50775

I’m currently running it on my phone, which sucks and is kind of a shifty experience.

Please help.