Tacx Vortex Smart Unable to Pair

I’m having issues conecting my Tacx Vortex trainer to Zwift. 


connect to my Ipad fine through the Tacx utility app, but when I come to pair in the Zwift app the trainer is not appearing on the list.

I’ve read about the trainer requiring update 3.1.7 and looking at the current firmware version on the utility app the current version appears to be 3.1.2 / 0.2.7. however the latest version in the app appears as 3.1.22 / 0.4.3 and for some reason I’m not able to update to that version, let alone 3.1.7!


Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

You need to disconnect the trainer from your iPad and any other devices or apps before opening Zwift, Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time and having it connected to your iPad is preventing it from connecting to Zwift.

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