Tacx S/C sensor: really need help


I apologise that this subject has come up a few times, but I am going to list everything I have done in order to hopefully gain some answers.

I have a Tacx Blue Motion, with the Tacx T2015 S/C sensor (which is both a speed and cadence sensor). I am connecting them (and heart rate monitor but that’s irrelevant) through the Zwift companion, to the Mac app. It connects on the zwift app - no problem, both the speed and the cadence sections. When I spin, the cadence is registered. But the MPH/watts are not registering, and therefore my rider isn’t moving. 

Is there ANYTHING I can do? Everything should work - everything is compatible, through the Zwift companion my Mac has it connected, but I can’t seem to get anything moving.

On the Tacx app, the watts do not register either. My magnet and the sensor pass by each other exactly on my back wheel, and the pedal magnet and rpm sensor are basically next to each other. I’ve had so many ongoing problems, I just would really like some kind of help or solution - Zwift seem to be more available than tacx, so I’m coming here first!


Hoping you can help.


Have you tried connecting directly to the Mac via native Bluetooth Annabel?

What are you running the companion app on?

Are there any other apps that may be ‘stealing’ the Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth can only connect to a single app at a time.

We were able to resolve this issue via support ticket. It appears that the issue was due to a slightly misplaced speed sensor. There’s a great video on how to set up a Tacx Speed & Cadence Sensor here.

Ride On! :slight_smile: