Distance not recording

Got a trainer (tacx blue matic) and although I can get the rpm when I’m riding to pair with zwift, it doesn’t show I’ve done any distance or that my rider is moving. I’ve tried fiddling with the trainer magnets but with no improvement.

That trainer does not broadcast watts. Do you have a speed sensor attached to your rear wheel?

Yes I do

What is the make/model of the speed sensor?

What device are you using to run Zwift (PC, Mac, iOS or AppleTV)?

Is the speed sensor paired on the Paring Screen?


It’s the tacx speed and cadence sensor and it says it is paired. I’m using iOS for zwift. It’s now not picking up on rpm either.

Install the Tacx app on your iOS device and see if there are any firmware updates and see if speed and cadence registers on it. 

If it is up to date and it is registering speed and cadence on the Taxc, close the Tacx app and open up Zwift and pair it again and see if you are seeing speed and cadence.

Just a reminder, Bluetooth can only make one connection at a time so you need to make sure that the Tacx S/C sensor is not connected to any other device or app before opening Zwift.

Try to wake the sensors (spin the crank a few times) then un-pair them both (speed and Cadence) pair only speed and see if the speed register in the paring screen, the speed should change on the paring scree as you spin the wheel. then you can pair the cadence sensor and go and have a ride in Zwift.



I didn’t do anything and it just started working. Had a little difficulty on part of the ride where the sensors stopped picking up for a few seconds but then it started picking up again. Hopefully I won’t have issues next time, but if I do then I will try your suggestions. Thanks for the help!