Riding the wheels off the bike but little performance according to sensors

Hi everyone,

My setup is TACX Antares rollers, Wahoo RPM Speed sensor on front wheel, Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor on non drive crank arm. I also have a Bluetooth HRM. All are paired to my iPhone over Bluetooth.

On the road, my Strava sectors regularly put me in top 25%, sometimes higher riding at a decent but nor excessive pace.

On Zwift, I am in the bottom 1 or 2% all time on sectors. This is despite riding the wheels off the bike! Most people are flying past as if I am stationary!

The sensors all look like they are recording data but I am not convinced the cadence sensor is accurate. I have them set up as “unlisted rollers” as they do not appear also.

Like I said, I am completely new to Zwift so forgive my ignorance on how to use it. If anyone can point me in the right direction on what to check, it would be most appreciated!

Can you upload some numbers Andy?

Hey Andy! I am new to zwift.  I had similar issues as you (hence my looking through the forums for help).  I originally listed my trainer as “unknown”.  After riding for 15 minutes and blowing myself apart barely maintaining 80 watts. I had my Garmin on as well as my heart rate paired with it and nothing was adding up.  I did some messing around, found a trainer that is one generation newer than mine.  (Mine is 7 years old).  Did a 30 second effortless spin and saw my watts double.  Hopefully, you will find a solution as easy as mine.  Best wishes!

First time user of Zwift this morning and had a similar problem. Turned out I’d not calibrated my smart trainer to zwift. Once calibrated everything was fine. Hope this helps.