Tacx Neo no road feel

I have a Tacx Neo latest version purchased from Wiggle October 2016. I could not get the Road Feel to work. 

The fix was to run the Tracx Utilities App on my phone to update the firmware in the trainer. One this was done the Road Feel worked fine.

So update the Firmware on a new trainer. Then all is good.


Thanks for your post. Had the same issue. Received my tacx neo 2 weeks ago. No road feel! After firmware upgrade it works!


I’m a new Neo owner, haven’t read all the instructions yet, but how do you transfer the firmware upgrade from one’s iPad to the trainer ?

 Also will the flywheel spin on its own when going downhill ?  Is there some sort of brake,how does that work ?

I had no surface feedback, started today with te Neo, will try the update!


@Ken, when the Neo is on 220/110 it gives support (e.g very light spinning) and on Zwift you notice you are keeping speed (no stalling)

The firmware update solved the problem of no road feel, thanks 

KEN         The flywheel is driven by the trainer to simulate rolling down a hill.