No road feel on Tacx Neo Smart Trainer

Just broke out my Tacx Neo Smart Trainer after nearly a year. Last I used it the road feel worked great. Now that I’m back on it there is no road feel when going over cobbles and such. Anyone else experiencing this? Any trouble shooting ideas? I’ve played around with the Tacx utility to no avail with the enable road feel feature and played around with settings on the Zwift app and don’t see any option to toggle road feel on zwift. iOS is up to date, Tacx Neo has latest firmware, and all apps are up to date. Any suggestions or is this a known bug?

If you use a controlling PC there is an option to to set it on and off, so I guess it must be there somewhere in iOS, or maybe connect with a PC set it on and then go back to iOS.

One point to note depending on where your trainer is you might find you partner banning use of it, apparently the vibration can be heard all around our house :sob: