No road feel with my new Neo when using a PC.

Can anyone suggest a fix. I do not get road feel on my new Neo (Nov. 2017) . Im running it from my PC, not phone or tablet.

Have you updated the firmware on the Neo?  Even though you just bought it, chances are it shipped with the version that was the one that added the roadfeel integration. 

You notice it most clearly on the timber bridges in watpopia and then the railway on London.  Less so, but still present for the hardpack stretches on courses. 

I experienced the same issue despite buying a Tacx Neo only recently they don’t appear to ship with the latest firmware. Download the Tacx utility app on your phone and you can update the firmware from there via Bluetooth… it resolved this problem for me.

Also make sure that Road Feel is enabled within the Zwift settings menu - this should be the default iirc, but is worth checking just to be sure.

Downloaded app and transferred via Bluetooth.  Works great. Thanks