Road Feel is almost imperceptible Tacx Neo 2

Happy Zwift user and semi-happy Neo 2 owner. Problem is, road feel is almost unnoticeable. I tested in the Tacx app on my phone and all surfaces work and are very noticeable. But in Zwift, it’s like the homeopathy version. Wooden bridges/pier have the ever so slight stutter. Dirt roads are maybe a little scratchy compared to pavement. And cobbles don’t seem to do anything more than the slight stutter of bridges.

Firmware up to date, software up to date.
2018 MacBook Pro, loaded

Since it all works in the Tacx app, it seems logical that the problem is within Zwift. Any suggestions?

I have the same issue in fact back in mid March the road feel was OK for my first ride with my Neo 2 then the feel has become weaker and with the latest update is basically barely noticeable. I’m on Apple TV HD with the latest firmware on my Neo 2: 0.0.18. Did you get this resolved as I will be logging a ticket with Zwift for this?

No. Zwift insisted it was a Tacx issue and Tacx was nice enough to let me send it in for a swap. Have not swapped yet but will in the next month or so.

Thanks. I’ll confirm with Zwift support and Tacx.