Tacx Neo 2T burning smell

hi all, just wondering if anyone else on here has experienced burnt smell from the Neo 2T while putting the hammer down. It happened last week the first time. and then the second time yesterday. I did a full out sprint and reached over 1000w for about 2 seconds lol … and the smell came back. NOW … i have to send it into Garmin and they are exchanging it … i’d just like to know if anyone else has had this issue. Basically, looking for another less inconvenient fix…

This is normal when setting a new maximum in terms of wattage on a Neo; the resistors are burnt in to 500W from the factory so when you go above that and each time you set a new high power, you smell the resistors doing what they’re meant to and discarding the energy. It should go away unless you keep setting a new PB.

Source: Drew at Tacx Faqx / Martin Smits from Tacx.


thank you for your response. support at Garmin is having me send it in… already sent me a shipping label and i don’t know what i should do.

If it’s doing it all the time, it could be faulty. If it’s only on a maximum effort sprint then chances are there’s nothing wrong with it because this is expected behaviour from a Neo.

i only had it for a few months and have been riding it more in the past couple of weeks … it already happened twice … both times with hard efforts …
the tacx utility app does not give me any error codes and firmware is up to date. so not sure if i should send it in or just keeps riding it and testing it …

Just be aware that at this time of year stocks of trainers are low.

My 2T needed replacing. I waited nearly 3 months for a replacement and only got one after emailing the CEO.

I’d maybe give it a bit longer to see if the problem persists. Dave has correctly identified that it’s potentially normal behavior.

Resistance does not smell, but residue from chemicals used in electronics manufacturing does. Might not go away completely in the first hard effort but should not persist for too long. Wouldn’t bother with the replacement if the unit is otherwise functioning normally.

thank you all for your input.