Tacx Bushido not calibrating


I just bought a used Tacx Bushido it is not calibrating with Zwift, it is impossibly hard to pedal. I reduced the trainer difficulty to no help. I have tried to use the Utility app to to no help, my speed gets up to 18km then starts going down. Any suggestions on how to get it working properly.

I have updated the recent firmware: 3.1.22 / 3.1.10.

I would suggest always using the manufactures (Tacx in your case) app to calibrate trainers.

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That is not working properly either.

Check your Zwift FTP setting too?

Ok I think I am going to highjack the thread but I am having the same issue. I have a Tacx Bushido T2780. I can connect on my Apple TV, my phone and my laptop with no issue biking is a nightmare. I can’t even get through the 101 training guide without stoping. Its just to difficult to pedal. My legs a so sore from just trying to push threw it. I have updated the firmware, calibrated it with the Taxc utility app so it dead center. I have update all the hight, weight settings. The only thing I don’t know is the FTP number because I can’t even get through the 101 training guide which leads into the FTP test. There is a number of 180 in the FTP box but no clue how it got there Any help appreciated.

Help please before I take hammer to this smart trainer.

Hi, With the one I had the issue ended up being the lights, you can’t include links on this site, if you good TACX Bushido LED lights, you will get a better explanation than I can provide.

Not a great outcome, but I enjoy my Wahoo Kikr Snap a lot!

I have had a Bushido in the past. Never had any problems. Did you calibrate it via the tacx app with the red green bars?
Maybe you have the wheel on to tight? Do you use Ant+ or Bluetooth.

I did calibrate it with the Tacx app. It’s dead center in the green. I have tried with bluetooth on my Apple Tv and with the Tacx adapter that does both Bluetooth and ANT +. Not sure what the difference is between the two but same result.

Non sure what you mean by it ended up being the lights? Can you elaborate please and what was the solution on your end. Thanks

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I can’t add links to this but google “Bushido Smart Trainer LED Lights and Error Codes”. The round cylinder has LED lights that show error codes. They inidicate issues with the machine. After much frustration mine turned out to be red, which required tech support. TacX was recently bought by Garmin and has terrible suppoprt. I just ended up getting a new one.

Hopefully that isn’t the issue with yours, but make sure the lights are the correct color.

Did you ever do a workout outside of zwift maybe on the tacx app on your phone (not the utility)
It seems like your wheel is to tight on there, that makes it hard to go.
Maybe calibrate it ones more with the bar just in the greens?
Do you calibrate with 8 bar in your tires?

Its always needs to be 8 bar. when you ride and calibrate to keep a consistent profile.

I saw a video on YouTube where someone said that the Bushido steals 40 Watts when used with Zwift. He mentioned that a proper calibration would be just into the red on the too tight side. Apparently that would help gain back the watts. I have never used any other app and to be honest I am green quite green to indoor biking. I will let everyone know how that works out tonight when I get home. Tried to share the link but it will not allow me.

Also what is an 8 bar?

I know that video, you suppose to set it tight to the red then calibrate it that way and when you close the app you need to turn about 3 times round back to make it a bit lose again. So the app thinks its still in the red but by loosening it 3 turns you are back in the green and that way you have that 40 watt back.

8 bar is like 116 psi?

That is the video. I have my tire pumped at 90 PSI. Is that to low? Should I pump it more. The tacx training tire says max 120 PSI. It was really hard to get it to 90’PSI because I did it manually with the small bike pump you can travel with.

Thanks for all the feedback. I appriciate it

on the tacx trainingtire its says inflate to 8 bar /116 psi i think on the side.
you always need to pump it to that when you start a ride otherwise your power readings are never the same. so better get a big one :wink:

Ok so I bought a decent pump and pumped the tire to 110 PSI. I then calibrated my bushido as the video instructed with the tacx app to be just outside the calibration and towards tight. Honestly I see no difference and if so harder. I am really losing my marbels with this

I thought I would recalibrate. It said too loose. I found that weird and tightened the bushido. Fid a recalibrate still too loose. I touched the tire and its completely flat. I somehow managed to blow. How no clue. Just shoot me.

im sorry to hear that!, i dont have my bushido anymore so i cant test it myself.
Did you send tacx an email for help?

Hi. Bit of an old thread revival.

Can you post a link to the calibration video please - I have tried google searching but couldn’t seem to find it.

Many thanks

I cant seem to find it either now…